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Artistry 67

Mineral Paint Seaside

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Its name speaks for itself. Seaside is the perfect deep coastal blue.

Works beautifully on its own or with neutrals…think white seashells, sandy shores, and deep blue oceans. The perfect trio.

What makes Fusion Mineral Paint so different?   

Fusion is a 100% acrylic paint with no fillers! Our pigments are all derived from natural minerals, and our paint is 100% non-toxic with no lead, and no phthalates.   Plus - it’s got a built -in top coat that is UV, water & stain resistant - meaning you don’t have to wax or seal it!   

Can I use Fusion Outside?  

 Yes, Fusion is water and UV resistant, so it can last through rain and won’t fade in the sun.   It has been tried and tested - it will last through a Canadian winter!

Fusion Mineral Paint