Madison Kvaltin - Charity Fundraiser Feature

Hi there everyone, my name is Madison Kvaltin and I'm running a charity fundraiser with Artistry 67 to fundraise for the Miss Universe Canada Charity!! 

Pageantry has come to represent young women working to make a meaningful impact on the world. Charity fundraising is just a small part of all the work we do to make the world a better place! 

I'm returning to the pageant world to continue down the path of breaking down pageant stereotypes and finally walk down the stage as a healthy, fit, entrepreneurial, and powerful go getter. If given the chance to compete, I’d love to use my platform to promote healthy movement in celebration of our bodies; rather than to punish them to fit in.

The pageant world is filled with pressures to be the stereotypical “skinny” and “fit” girl, but I want to prove that health and happiness is in the eye of the beholder. The most important thing is to fuel your body in healthy ways, engaging in movement to celebrate how strong and hard our bodies work for us every single day!

Please help me on this journey to create meaningful change in the world of health and fitness!

In this workshop we will be Planting & Painting as the Artistry 67 girls teach us about stencilling on terracotta plant pots; giving you the chance to walk away with a beautiful one of a kind homemade planter!! 

There will also be a silent auction thanks to our generous sponsors to raise tons of money for Miss Universe Canada's Charity!! 

Please follow along on my journey to Miss Universe Canada, all the support (whether through donations, or verbal/re-sharing) means the world. 

Paint & Plant Tickets 

Go Fund Me for Sponsorship 

Tote Fundraiser  


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